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Designer : Fangmin
Editor : Yours Truly
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Saturday, January 1, 2000 @ 6:00 AM

*More new designs added!
*Design #18 is a plain backpack!

Measurements for all Backpacks:
Length - 40cm
Width - 30cm
Thickness - 15cm


Designs that are available:

More Informations on Checkered Backpack #62:
There're mainly 2 types for this backpack.
Glossy Smooth Surface - $25
Non-Glossy - $20 (Normal Backpack Surface)
Colours & Designs are the same for these 2 types.
The only difference is the type of surface and quality.
Available colours:
- Pink w/ Black Strips
- White w/ Brown Strips
- Red w/ Black Strips

*Sorry for the poor image quality! D:

(*You are allowed to take my pictures but do credit me. or else I'll take action.)

#47, #48, #49, #61, #62-Glossy
(Limited Edition)
Backpacks @ $25 each!

2 For $45 only!


Other Backpacks @ $20 each! (Include #62 Non-Glossy)
2 For $36 only!

*Stocks are collected from direct warehouses.

#View Order Status for more informations. Link at the end of each post.


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