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This blogshop was opened on 18 May '10 & is handled by one person.
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Sunday, August 7, 2011 @ 1:57 PM

Hi all :)
Sorry to say that we've stopped accepting new orders currently.
Many people have been emailing us your orders but I couldn't take anymore orders as my Prelim exams are coming at the end of August.
I've to prepare for my o level, so I won't have the time to reply emails or take orders.
This is also to protect blogshop reputation and trust, as I don't want customers to wait for a long period of time for their items, resulting in unsatisfaction and losing trust in us.

I might take in orders after my national exams, which is after 14 November.
We appreciate all customers' support since last year May when this blogshop is officially opened.

This blogshop will be officially closed once all customers have collected their items.
2 Cartoon Tees Uncollected.

*To collect your items, kindly email us at theshopaholic-teens@hotmail.com using the email address that you submitted in order form. (This is to verify customers' identity)

I have texted + emailed both of you but there's no reply.

Please include in the email your new contact number if you've changed your number.

Once again, TheShopaholicTeens thanks all customers/blogshops who have supported us, if not, this blogshop won't be opened for more than a year. Thank you very much! :D


Happy shopping with us! ~THESHOPAHOLIC-TEENS♥